Sunday, August 31, 2008

Organophosphorus Poisoning : Don't try this at home !

Q:What happens when a 35-year old male shows up at the emergency room having consumed two whole bottles of insecticide ? 

Ans: He gets 130+  ampoules of atropine i.v. stat  ( 720 mg !! ) before he gets atropinized and stabilized .  His pulmonary oedema resolved and he didn't need to get intubated . 

This was followed by a continuous infusion of atropine in normal saline and PAM every 8 hours . 

This guy's lucky to be alive . Not only that , he was also lucky not to have suffered form Intermediate syndrome ( Polyneuropathy and autonomic disturbances , possibly life-threatening which occurs 48-72 hours after consumption of OP poison ) 

He was discharged in a stable condition after a 5-day stay at the hospital . 

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