Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mission : Kashmir

OK , OK ... not a very original title . But a picture is wroth a thousand words , so I'll let my (very) amature photography do the talking .

A panoramic view of Dal Lake

Srinagar-As seen from outer space . Dal lake in the center , the Zabbarwan mountain range on the right .
My house-right next to the "Image (c) 2006 TerraMetrics " text .

A view form one of the bridges - incidentally , Srinagar is also has a lesser know epithet as "the city of seven bridges" . When they built an eighth bridge , people got into a bit of a spot of what to do with the now redundant epithet . The solution ? In a case of lateral thinking taken to the extreme , they decide to call bridge no.8 as.... Zero Bridge ( ta da.....). You get to keep the epithet , as well as a fancy new bridge.

Dal Lake

Yours Truly

Srinagar - The winter sun filters in through , causing a surrealistic play of light , shadows and reflections on the windscreen.

A particularly scenic route

A house boat cum post office


With apologies to Inimitable_ me for taking three months to put up a new post )