Sunday, August 31, 2008

Organophosphorus Poisoning : Don't try this at home !

Q:What happens when a 35-year old male shows up at the emergency room having consumed two whole bottles of insecticide ? 

Ans: He gets 130+  ampoules of atropine i.v. stat  ( 720 mg !! ) before he gets atropinized and stabilized .  His pulmonary oedema resolved and he didn't need to get intubated . 

This was followed by a continuous infusion of atropine in normal saline and PAM every 8 hours . 

This guy's lucky to be alive . Not only that , he was also lucky not to have suffered form Intermediate syndrome ( Polyneuropathy and autonomic disturbances , possibly life-threatening which occurs 48-72 hours after consumption of OP poison ) 

He was discharged in a stable condition after a 5-day stay at the hospital . 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Literally Surviving your internship

As most persons in the lower levels of the Medical Food Chain know , you have to face a lot of hardships, major and minor , in the early stages of you career . These include ( but are not limited to ) egoistic and arrogant senior doctors , mean nurses , being overworked , filling up forms , getting test results , uncooperative patients and in some cases even a non-functioning kitchen sink .

But I'm pretty sure that not many people have to face violent mobs , tear gas and curfews .

For a brief background , I recommend this Amarnath Land Row Chronology

Monday , 11th August

8.00 AM
I wake up . I groan . I have my night-shift today as well as OPD and Medical casualty . That means a 32 hours at the hospital . The city's been tense since last week , when the highway was blocked by protesters in Jammu . Shops have started to run out of stocks , several petrol pumps have had to shut down . There's been a general strike since 3 days . People have been talking about marching towards Muzzafarabad and the Line of Control in order to establish an alternate supply route . No violence yet , doesn't seem that todays going to be much different .

I get ready to go out . Not much traffic on the streets . I wait for the ambulance ( the usual means of transport on days that a strike is called ) . Make it to the hospital . Everything seem OK on the way .

10.00 AM
I reach the hospital . Today is Medical Unit V's OPD and casualty . Both are located right next to the Surgical Unit and casualty . I head towards the female OPD . Patient attendance is thin , not unexpected for a day like today . Along with two other interns and the P.G student , we start examining patients . On a usual day the OPD lasts from 10 AM- 4 PM and we see around 150 patients . Today we wind up our OPD at 12. We examined a grand total of around 15 patients .

12.00 PM
As we get ready to head to the OPD we start getting news that several protesters have been injured and are being transported to the hospital .

The injured start rolling in . A trickle at first , they rapidly increase as injured are brought in form protests in different parts of the city and surrounding areas . All the surgical units head towards the Surgical emergency room and casualty . The Surgical OPD is shut down . We watch from the Medical casualty as crowd starts to gather near the Surgical Casualty and Hospital gate .

We head back to the OPD , hiding our stethoscopes. People accompanying patients , especially trauma and other emergencies have been know to get violent and physically harm doctors.

12.30 PM
The OPDs are nearly deserted now . But there are still a few patients in the Male OPD . We decide to treat them before heading back to the casualty . Groups of people head towards the Trauma Theater or for emergency x-rays . The patient in every stretcher is a young man. Each stretcher also has a grim entourage of friends , brothers , uncles , fathers. Some are subdued . Most are angry .

We can hear the crowd getting louder . Suddenly we hear a series of distinct thuds followed by the sound of gunfire and people running . I wonder whether the noise was a grenade or tear gas? We see people running past us , heading towards the Main Hospital building. Everyone is running . The young , the old , men , women children .

We wait in the OPD. After a while a P.G Student return from the Medical Casualty . He says tear gas was used against a mob just outside the hospital gates . One shell managed to land within the hospital premises. Landed right next to the surgery casualty . A nurse was knocked out , but thankfully regained consciousness. The smoke drifted into the Medical Casualty . He says that it's is difficult to breath over there and we should shift the casualty to the OPD section and examine patients there . Our Registrar and Consultants agree .

2.00 PM
We wait in the OPD for patients who don't show up . The injured continue to roll in . One patient expires in the Trauma theater . A bullet right above the heart . The crowd gets violent and they damage the entrance to the trauma theater . The police charge at them and again they head past us towards the main building . By now we are extremely worried . No reports of violence towards doctors yet . But with an extremely high strung police and paramilitary , and an agitated mob , no one can predict what can happen .

3.00 PM
Half of the team has gone for lunch. The Registrar suggests that the female interns should stay in the ward while the males should man the OPD/Casualty . In case something happens , he feels we have a better chance of running away .
Reports continue to come in of violent protests and skirmishes throughout the city . Ambulance after Ambulance arrive .

I go to the canteen for lunch . The rest of the hospital is quiet . The News channels continue to bring in reports of an increasingly disturbed law-and-order situation throughout the state. Massive protests , lots of injuries . Some heading towards our hospital .

4.00 PM
We decide to head back to the casualty . The air is breathable . The crowd is still outside the Surgical casualty , but seems subdued . We start examining patients . Some children who cant make it to the children's hospital . We try our best . An ischemic heart patient is being examined by my senior . Things seem to be calm . Suddenly another ambulance arrives . We look as another stretcher is brought out , along with about 10 burkha-clad women . They start chanting pro-freedom slogans . The crowd goes into a frenzy . They climb onto C.R.P.F (Paramilitary) Bunker. The occupants quickly abandon it . The crowd starts dismantling it . We start turning back , knowing the situation can get nasty at any moment.

Another thud. More shots being fired . People running. As people move past the casualty , so do we . We tell the patients to stay in the room and keep the door locked .We tell them to make it to the ward. As we run , I see the son of the patient with IHD . I'm running to save myself . Bu the only thing on his mind is his father . Suddenly I feel very small .

5.30 P.M
we are now in the wards. In the Doctors room now . It's been nearly 40 min . A curfew has been declared throughout the city as well as the sate . The IHD patient was safe after all . He gets shifted to the CCU .
The registrar shows up. He decides to move the casualty to the ward . He tells me to come along with him to check in the casualty . Outside , the crowd's gathered again . A child shows up with pneumonia . The registrar starts to treat him . A woman with hysteria arrives . As I try to calm her down , another thud. Firing. It almost seems routine now . I literally push her out the casualty and make her run , taking history in the process .

6.30 PM
We finally officially shift the casualty to the ward until further notice . Everyone's been informed . So the patients now come directly to the ward .

Because of the curfew the situation is more calm now . No more crowds . People are lining up to donate blood . All OTs are full , so people are being shifted to to the hospitals .

9.00 PM
The canteen is closed down because they've run out of supplies . We head to the P.G Hostel on the other side of the road. We see the remains of the Bunker . So much tear gas has been used that even now , our eyes start to water slightly . The windows of the surgical casualty are broken. The streets are deserted . Police and Paramilitary everywhere . In the canteen , exhausted surgeons are watching the news. These guys have been working under the Most dangerous and stressful conditions the whole day .

11.30 PM
We head towards the Casualty . Things are calm now . We stay up until 1 , waiting for patients . Only a few show up . We sleep in the side room . A few patients show up during the night . 2 of them get shifted to the other hospital , since our CT was non-functioning and all the local labs were closed . We admit another 2 for observation .

12th August

9.00 AM
Our shift in the casualty comes to an end . The other unit takes over. Today seems calm enough because of the curfew . Back to the wards .

11.30 AM
The ward round are over . We are now completely exhausted . The previous day's events have taken their toll on us . All told , 75+ injured . 3 deaths in our hospital .
Thing seem calm .
Not for long .

Casualties start rolling in again . The curfew was lifted for a while , but then reimposed as people started protesting again. People are on a rampage throughout the city . The curfew is reimposed.
Tear gas . Firing .
People climb atop an ambulance in the casualty .

2.00 PM
Discharged people want to leave . But theres no transport. We tell them that they'll just have to stay in the hospital . Even ambulances plying from their villages can no longer take them back . Too many casualties . Limited fuel stocks . Dead bodies are not being transported . Only those who have a chance of survival .

4.00 PM
Our shift finally ends .
But the curfews still on , so all transport has shut down .
But the ambulances are still tied up .
Protests continue . 50, 000 people have gathered for a funeral about 1.5 Km from our hosptial . Smaller protests continue to take place .
People are still gathered at the casualty .

But then , in something that can only be described as divine intervention , it starts to rain . The protesters begin to disperse . Apparently they're more put off by the thought of catching a cold than taking a bullet .

We wait near the OPD entrance , way from the casualty. Another stretcher rushes by . A 18-year old schoolboy who got hit by ah object in the face . He has a nasal fracture , orbital fracture , and has probably lost his right eye . Covered in bandages . Gets put in the ambulance , and is transfered to the tertiary care hospital .

Finally our ambulance arrives . As we move through the city , all the roads are deserted . Except for stray dogs , an occasional car or person the only other people visible are the police and C.R.P.F. On the way we see a small demonstration , so our driver quickly changes the route. We get stopped on the way and are asked to show some proof of identification .

An ophthalmic surgeon tells us about another boy. Multiple facial injuries and fractures . He was lucky that his eye got saved . But his parents only found out later . Took them 6 hours to reach the hospital .

We start lamenting about how all the casualties seem to be school-children and young men . About how for them a protest is just something cool . But they don't realize the dangers are all-to-real dangers and so are the consequences . But in the end , they're just cannon fodder . Someone else decides to fast until death in the comfort of his home and it makes front page news . These guys are lucky if they even get taken to the hospital .The experienced protesters know when things are about to turn and when to run for it .You rarely see them getting injured .

As I reach home , I see that one of the routes is blocked by a burring cart . My area is usually peaceful , so I know something serious has happened . We take another road .

5.00 PM
I finally make it home . People on the street tell me the a 20something male was shot dead.
The locals ask me for about what the situation at the hospital was . I give them a 1 minute summary and go in .

Friday, July 06, 2007

Rocky Balboa Review- "It Ain't About How Hard You Hit"

The year was 1976 . An unknown actor by the name of Sylvester Stallone wrote a screenplay for and starred in a little boxing movie , simply titled "Rocky".overnight he became a star and Rocky Balboa became a symbol of all those people who attempt to go the distance , to face the odds and make their dreams come true and achieve success through sheer determination.

But after that the movies went downhill, generating a huge amount of ridicule and flak for the general direction in which the Rocky franchise was heading . Everyone thought that Stallone must have finally lost when he decided to direct yet anther sequel. There was plenty of adversity he had to face, with media, studios and even the public. But according to Sly ( whose career was following a slump similar to Rocky's ) , he just had to make this movie and give a fitting end to one of the most memorable and endearing characters ever created .

The Verdict ?

No Mickey
No Adrian
No Butkus
But surprisingly , this turns out to be the best Rocky movie since the original one was released three decades ago !

The movie opens with a fight scene between Mason "The Line " Dixon (Antonio Tarver) and an unnamed opponent and ends with the audience booing and the commentator stating that boxing needs a fighter with a heart .When the scene fades out to shots of the streets of Philadelphia , with the "take you back" Capella in the background , you know that this is true blue , old-school Rocky. Just the way we've always liked it .

To cut a long story short , rocky is now way past his prime and now runs a restaurant ( Adrian's) and is happy enough to entertain the patrons with impromptu stories of his fights . Adrian has died of cancer , and Butkus is also long gone . Rocky's relationship with his son Robert (Milo Ventimiglia
) is strained because Robert has always had to live under the shadow of his famous father; he even believes that the only reason he was hired for his latest job was because of his last name.Also , Rocky reunites with "Little" Marie( Geraldine Hughes), who was last seen in the original film receiving advice form Rocky about not mixing with the wrong types . Marie works as a bartender, and has a son, Stephenson (nicknamed "Steps").

One fine day ESPN broadcasts a show titled "Then and Now," which It portrays a computer simulation of a fight between Rocky in his prime and the current heavyweight champion, Mason Dixon. In the Balboa-Dixon simulation, Balboa is predicted to have won KO13, a fact that riles the champion. Dixon's promoters try to sell Dixon on the idea of a fight with Balboa . It would be a win-win charity fight, where Dixon could not only improve his image with the public , but also please fight fans who would be able to see that Dixon would easily defeat the aging icon that is Rocky Balboa.

Dixon's promoters approach Rocky at his restaurant to pitch the fight with Dixon. He reluctantly takes up the offer after conferring with the ever grumpy Paulie(Burt Young ), who as usual is still mad at life and himself for not caring about his sister. Everyone close to him cannot believ that he would take up boxing again, but Rocky feels that he still has one last fight in him . with his wife dead, he's alone, he's an embarrassment to his son, he has nothing to lose and is desperate to not make a third act of his life go in anonymity.
At one point, his son asks Rocky: "Don't you think you're too — ya know, old?" Rocky replies: "Yeah but ya think ya oughta stop 'trying things' 'cause ya had a few too many birthdays? I don't." He adds: "What's crazy with standin' toe to toe sayin' 'I AM.' "
Rocky returns to his old trainer, "Duke" Evers (Tony Burton). Duke tells Rocky that, since his body is much too old and beginning to deteriorate, he cannot train for speed. Instead, Rocky must train to build power ("buildin' some hurtin' bombs").

At this point , the mandatory "Rocky Training Montage" kicks in , with a revamped "Gonna Fly now" theme.All those classic moments are there , including the raw eggs, punching the meat and the run up the steps of the museum .Truly electrifying stuff that had me riveted to the screen . The build up to the fight is presented like a live sports presentation and the fight itself is top-notch stuff and highly realistic . IMHO , even better than Million Dollar Baby or Raging Bull. Along with the amazing background music and slick editing , the fight literally had me at the edge of my seat(Yes , I'm a die-hard rocky fan ) . The outcome ? Completely in line with the movie . I just cannot see it end in any other way . Just like the first movie , this one ends with "Yo Adrian !"

Rocky has always been more than just about boxing , it's about the triumph of the human spirit and as was famously put in the first movie "Going the distance ". And Stallone brings back that simple charm and naivety that makes Rocky such a lovable character ( After being told that Stephen's father is Jamaican , he thinks that Jamaica is in Europe mistakenly identifies a white male as Marie's son ) . The Rockyisms are all there ( "Nothing hits as hard as life itself ....") as well as some touching moments that show how underrated Sly has been as an actor/director ('she didn't leave me Paulie she died' ) It's nice to see some of the characters form the first movie being give more expanded roles including Marie and Spider Rico ( Rocky's Opponent in the opening scene of the first movie ) . Oh Cuff and Link also get a mention .
The general feel of this movie is dramatically different form it's other sequels .It feels much closer to the original Rocky movie than the others( Which is a good thing ). Right from the opening sequence to the final "Yo Adrian !" everything remains true to the original.

The only problem I have with this movie is it that it gets a bit weepy and you just can't help cringing at some of the cliches. It almost borders on self-parody at some points. But these are just minor drawbacks .

In short , this a satisfying and fitting finale to the Rocky saga , that more than makes up for the damage done to the series by some of the sequels ( especially the terrible Rocky IV) . From a movie standpoint, it brought everything full circle. An elegant and powerful ending if ever there was one.

"Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done! Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that! I'm always gonna love you, no matter what. No matter what happens. You're my son, you're my blood. You're the best thing in my life. But until you start believing in yourself, you ain't gonna have a life."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mission : Kashmir

OK , OK ... not a very original title . But a picture is wroth a thousand words , so I'll let my (very) amature photography do the talking .

A panoramic view of Dal Lake

Srinagar-As seen from outer space . Dal lake in the center , the Zabbarwan mountain range on the right .
My house-right next to the "Image (c) 2006 TerraMetrics " text .

A view form one of the bridges - incidentally , Srinagar is also has a lesser know epithet as "the city of seven bridges" . When they built an eighth bridge , people got into a bit of a spot of what to do with the now redundant epithet . The solution ? In a case of lateral thinking taken to the extreme , they decide to call bridge no.8 as.... Zero Bridge ( ta da.....). You get to keep the epithet , as well as a fancy new bridge.

Dal Lake

Yours Truly

Srinagar - The winter sun filters in through , causing a surrealistic play of light , shadows and reflections on the windscreen.

A particularly scenic route

A house boat cum post office


With apologies to Inimitable_ me for taking three months to put up a new post )

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dhoom 2 Review : Return of the masala movie

The nineties were a much more simpler time for us movie-goers. We didn’t demand much and the filmmakers were more than happy not to comply . Action movies consisted on one fight scene after another , tons of fake blood, outrageous laws-of-physics defying stunts and a wronged protagonist sworn on revenge( usualy due to the death of the mother/father/sister)

Ajay Devgan making his entrance on two bikes...with one foot on each .

Akshay Kumar...The khiladi... pherhaps the ony bollyoowd star to take on the Undertaker ( Galat panga liya tune undertaker , apne baap se !!! grrr!!!) , a
sumo wrestler , jump from a moving plane , a hot air balloon , and mud-wrestle with Rekha .

Suniel shetty , star of manly revenge dramas...Raghuveer , Mohra , Takkar , Vinashak.

And any move having more than 1 hereo ( a mullti-starrer in those days ) was sure to have gastric-ulcer inducing masala... Mohra , main Khiladi tu anadi , Waqt Hamara Hai !!!

But why am I reminiscising so much?? Well because after watching Dhoom 2 , I felt that I had seen the only true Masala Action Movie this year...Don tired to be suave and cool...Krrish had the alien superpowers...this one tosses all attempts to be subtle out the window and goes all out to be a masala entertainer!!

The story consists of a international super-theif "A"( Hritik Roshan ) whose only ambition in life is to steal priceless artifacts so that he can , literally , leave his mark on the world( The scene where the three cpos are discussing this is 100% filmi-grade masala at work ). Aishwarya Rai as Sunheri is the female super thief who wants to be associated with A .

In comes meterosexual he-man super-cop Jai Dixit( Abhisheik bachan ) and his bumbling partner Ali( Uday Chopra) who are assigned along with man-hunter Shonali( Bipasha Basu) to nab the dyslexic super-thief .

With this semi-interesting plot , we are treated to the loudest , most hackneyed Hindi action movie since DUS.

The main actors , with the exception of Hritik are not required to act much . Abhisheik reprises his role of the not-so-angry young man of Dhoom , while Uday brings some much-needed comic relief to the movie . Bipasha has what can best be described as a very very extended special appearance. She doesn’t bring much to the movie , and is missing for almost the entire second half . Ash is competent enough as the accomplice .

The movie belongs to Hritik and overshadows the other actors most of the time he is on screen . he gets the coolest gadgets , the most awesome stunts and perhaps the only serious scenes in the movie that actually require some acting to be done .
The stunts are brilliantly executed ,and among the best seen in Hindi movies till date, though they don’t make much sense . (a submerged Abhisheik surfacing from underwater using a jet-ski...10/10 for style , but was it really needed ? ). The robberies are daring but have glaring and quite obvious logical flaws ... in the very first scene , "A" steals the crown jewels of a generic firangi Queen form a moving cool , you say . But the jewels are lying in an open room with only two security guards. I would have brought my safe along .

The robbery form the museum. It was well executed...but how the hell did he get outside the museum form a roomful of guards?? That sequence has been left to the audiences imagination .And why didn’t he just get out the way he came in ??

The worst part of the movie has to be the songs. Looks like Pritam wasn’t inspired enough. ( They are really out of place a. only the title song and to a certain extent “Don’t touch me”and “dil lagana” were any good . they only slow down the pace of the movie . The choreography is good but the costumes from all the songs look the same an its simply a case of mix and match .

As I said before there are a lot of plot holes and logic takes a backseat in the proceedings. If you are the kind who likes taut and cerebral thrillers , it’s best to avoid this movie if you’re looking for that kind of thing in it. This movie also suffers from pacing problems and Bipasha’s character could have been easily deleted. the ending could have been a litle bit better .

Overall , I really feel that the original Dhoom was a tighter , better scripted movie . However , if you remember to leave you brain at home , this an enjoyable and strangely satisfying movie… the masala movie of the 21st century .

Friday, November 10, 2006

Gwen Stefani , I hope you see this...

This video is too funny . Deserves it's own post....

I want a curry and rice girl....B-I-O-D-A-T-A !

("Hollaback Girl" , in case your'e still Cluless)

Umrao Jaan Review: Where's the ada ?

JP Dutta is known for the length of his movies . His last movie (L.O.C) has the distinction of being one of the longest Hindi movies ever made . A running time of 4+(F-O-U-R) hours . 2 intervals. The longest song shown on-screen ( 13 min!!) . So it was not without some apprehension that I went to see his latest , Umrao Jaan (UJ) . Not that I have anything against long movies . Border . Hum Aapke Hain kaun . Khakee . Completely different movies . Different Directors . Different themes. All of them 3+ hours in length. But they’re engaging movies , which held your attention till the end. It just goes to show that even though a movie may be 3+ hours in length , it doesn’t mean that the movie is boring .

The verdict ? Not by any stretch of imagination is UJ a bad movie . In fact , it is one of the better movies to come out this year . But a movie 3+hours in length needs the little extra-something ( “je ne se quoi” as the French call it ) to keep the viewer engaged . And sadly that’s missing in this movie .

Since the movie is based on the novel of the same name , the director already has a good storyline to work with . He had already made it clear the he was not going for a remake of the 1981 movie . In case you didn’t know , it’s the tragic story of a girl who gets kidnapped form he village as a child and is forced to work as a twayif (courtesan).

The movie belongs to Aishwarya Rai . She looks absolutely stunning throughout the movie (reviewer bias? Sorry about that ladies. ) and has a air of grace , confidence and elegance about her ( You can easily see why she was Miss Universe ) Her acting throughout the movie was superb and is surely one of her better performances . She manages to convey the pathos of her (overly)tragic character with aplomb. But I felt that she was unconvincing in some of the scenes though ( She seemed quite happy to be chosen by the Nawab for her “services” , which I found a bit hard to digest ) Her dances were also quite good .

Abishek Bachan was good in the role of the Nawab (Her main love-intrest) . He has that mixture of arrogance and confidence that’s required of a nawab. Although I found the scene where he stabs a another customer after declaring himself as a genuine Pathan offspring quite hilarious(Not what the director intended , I’m afraid) .

Most of the supporting cast is competent . But the one who stands out the most is Shabana Azmi , who as the Madame of the brothel , dominates every scence that she appears in .

A period movie demands attention to detail and authenticity . In this aspect , I found the movie to be a bit underwhelming . The costumes were perfect and suitably extravagant . The outdoor sets conveyed the feeling and ambiance of 19th century , nawab-infested Lucknow quite nicely . The indoor sets , although looking quite good , weren’t good enough . They looked a bit lackluster and really could have been much better .I felt that throughout the movie the peripheral characters and extras were not used properly…somehow the extravagance , over-indulgence and thezeeb of the era was not brought on to the screen as it should have…

Anu Malik has composed some of the best music of his career for this movie . The songs and the accompanying mujras are excellent, with fine choreography , although Ash looks a bit stiff in some of the steps . This brings me to one of the major drawbacks of the movie. Though the mujras form an integral part of the movie, they are over extended and too many of them . Most of them could have easily shortened. The same thing happens in other parts of the movie.( More on that later. )

A movie based on a novel ( especially a tragedy like UJ) reqiues some deft direction to bring the story on screen and characters to life ( And not end up Like Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Devdas ) . Most of the scenes have been handled quite well by JP Dutta , with minimal melodrama and liberal use of obvious poetic imagery throughout the movie . Most are quite good , but some of the scenes and dialogues (very few ) seem straight out of an Ekta Kapoor soap opera. The liberal use of esoteric Urdu also makes following some of the lines a bit difficult .

But unfortunately he remains oblivious of the length of the scenes . The one with a drunk Abishek trying to argue with Ash being a case-in-point. Just like the Energizer Bunny , it goes on and on , and what sounded like a good idea on paper comes out quite flat on-screen.
Like an over-indulgent parent, JP Dutta just doesn’t know when to say stop. With some better editing , I really felt that 30 minutes could have been easily removed from the movie without affecting it much and giving a dramatic improvement to the pace of the movie .

I’d have to say that UJ is a fine effort . This is not the kind of movie that will be liked by everybody . It’s quite bleak and depressing . It’s definitely not a time-pass or masala movie . I f you liked morbidly tragic movies like Chandni Bar or Omkara , you’ll probably like this movie too . The biggest drawback is it’s 3 hour running time .There aren’t simply enough really interesting moments to fill up those 3 hours. How ever if you’re patient (and stoical) enough to sit throughout it , you’ll find it a somewhat rewarding movie. Don’t watch it expecting another UJ(1982) or Memoirs of a Geisha ( a movie with a similar plot. . Quality and in artistic accomplishment in commercial Hindi movies does not exist anymore…

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jaaneman Review : doesn't take itself too seriously

When I first saw the trailers for this movie , I thought "Oh no , not another of those stupid love triangles! No way am I going to watch this !" . But after a few good reports from my friends , I thought that it might be worth it , so I decided to take a chance …. And boy was I in for a pleasant surprise!Far from being a mushy love-triangle , this turned out to be a well made , funny , unusual and most importantly entertaining movie. To be truthful , I have never seen a love-story presented in this way before( At least in Hind movies ) .

The plot ? well it deos'nt really matter much in this movie . Salman Khan plays Suhaan, a struggling actor , and Piya’s(Preity Zinta) ex-husband . After a series of extremely contrived circumstances he ends up helping ,along with his Uncle (Anupam Kher) , NASA Astronaut( that’s not a typo!) Agastya Rao (Akshay Kumar ) fall in love with his ex-wife so he doesn’t have to pay her alimony .Its as simple as that . The amazing part is , it works .

When the first scene opens with Agastya and a blond soviet female astronaut,in an orbiting space-station, you realize that this is not a movie to be taken seriously .

The film has been very creatively shot . I loved the first two song sequences where the extras and dancers literally jump into the song sequences .The "fourth wall" is conveniently ignored throughout the movie . In one scene Salman even mentions to is uncle that the flash-back sequence is going to start , followed immediately by one of the walls of the room being turned into a movie screen… which Salman Khan calmly steps into .

In another sequence, the trio are interrupted as a qawali group steps out of the wardrobe and proceeds to provide the background music for the song. These wouldn’t be out of place in a Tim Burton movie.
The movies constantly weavers between reality and fantasy , and it all looks really nice thanks to some great camera effects , and slick editing work , which I really cant recall in any other Hindi movie . Sometimes even the lighting and backgrounds change according to the characters reactions ! The sets are also pretty nice and colorful .

Most of the humor is the tongue-in-cheek variety , with the director gleefully taking pot-shots at established filimi conventions .To say that watching this movie a would require some suspension of disbelief is an understatement ! For e.g When Salman Khan questions his uncle about getting money for his flight to New-York , his uncle immediately withdraws a big wad of cash from his pocket , saying that it was the money he was saving for his wedding. A tearful salman khan accepts the money , promising to get his uncle married as soon as he returns . As soon as Akshay Kumar makes his entrance , a halo appears over his head .
Since this is a love story , you have you emotional moments too...they're pretty well done and not overly-melodramatic . Most of the emotional scenes are in the last half hour . I loved the last part of the movie , where Akshay finally gets his lady love ( it's too cute. )

Akshy and Salman have a good screen presence and on screen chemistry . Akshay's geeky laugh was just perfect . Slaman's also given quite a good performance...the boo-boo diapers scene being a case in point .
On the downside , the movie is a bit stretched . Two of the songs could have easily been taken out of the movie or shortened . Few of the joke are are bit lame too. other than that , it was really hard to find fault with this lovable movie.Its too bad that this movie was presented as a love story...I'm sure it would have done much better if it had been presented as a comedy movie instead of a love triangle .

If you're the kind who looks for moving performances, meaningful cinema or you're a cynic who enjoys ripping apart movies for the smallest mistakes , then this movie is not for you. This is the kind of movie where you just sit back , relax and enjoy the ride . i f you liked movies like Andaaz Apna Apna and Deewan Mastan , then you'll surely like this one too .

Go for this movie if you're looking for a very uniquely made and light hearted romantic comedy